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Did you have the festival bug in you this season? I know I did, which is why I would stop at nothing in order to attend Coachella 2019! On this blog, I’m going to tell you all the pro tips that I learned along the way in order to travel in style to an iconic festival such as this. Heck, we all want to be fabulous when we travel don’t we? So Coachella 2019, here’s what to do, what to bring, and how to prepare in a little segment I like to call #travelglam !

Whether you’re a Coachella veteran, or a newbie like me for the very first time, there are some really important do’s and don’ts that I would suggest after going through the experience firsthand.

My journey began, with my BFFs sending inspiration pictures back-and-forth for all of the Coachella spots that we wanted to hit up. Of course as an Instagram influencer and blogger, the aesthetically pleasing cafés and picture perfect moments are essential to a travel glam success.

TIP NUMBER ONE: Map Out Your Instagrammable Spots for your Trip

Since there are so many places to see and things to do it can get a little overwhelming. Which is why I went over to The Pretty Little Post to customize and purchase an Instagrammabe photo map of all the places in Los Angeles and Palm Springs that I wanted to go.

FINALLY, a map that lays out the exact coordinates of all the places that I want to go. From my Instagram inspiration in the mood board right to Google maps, The Pretty Little Post tells you exactly where to go and how to get there. The map made our trip planning incredible and most of all, time efficient.

As if you didn’t know already, we brought outfit changes and switched out fits in the car so we would have different looks at each location. Oh the blogger life!


Coachella attracts individuals from all around the world. Depending on where you are from, you could be traveling over 5,000+ miles by plane or car. YES, people are that dedicated to this music festival. I couldn’t believe how serious it was, but people really made a trip out of it! I have lived on the west coast for over 20 years until I picked up and moved to New York a little under 3 years ago. In order to make this trip worth it, I had to plan to go on this California adventure for about a week. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when a travel influencer is planning a trip? PACKING! As a blogger who loves styling different outfits around the world, the stress started to kick in.

The first thing I needed to do was plan my outfits based on locations:
1. L.A. Outfits: when we flew in, we spent the afternoon and evening in LA.
2. Roadtrip Outfits: Coachella is located in Palms Springs with many picturesque spots on the way. We woke up the next morning to drive three hours to Palm Springs.
3. Coachella: Crazy, colorful, out of the box outfits

How in the world would I fit everything into a tiny little carry on? I wasn’t going to. In order to fit everything and make traveling easy and glam you must have the proper travel gear. Convenience is key but even when I travel I like to travel in style. That is why I chose to get the iFLY Luggage Set in the beautiful Mint color. Luggage should not cost more than your airfare which is why this set is great because you can get the entire three piece, hard luggage set for under $200 ! So now that we have landed in LA with style and with ease, it was time to hit the road and begin our roadtrip to Coachella!

TIP NUMBER THREE: Start the Weekend off Right

The first day of Coachella determines the rest of your trip. You will make or break your weekend by how you start it off. This means making sure you eat a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning. Since I don’t usually eat breakfast, I needed something light with the right amount of nutrients. Modern Oats was the perfect breakfast which my BFF and I enjoyed in the beautiful garden at our hotel before the madness of the festival began. The gluten free, GMO free, super fast, super food was literally perfect and I felt energized the entire day.

Another really important part of my mornings, especially when I traveled is my daily multivitamin Perfectil. I absolutely cannot go anywhere in the world without my vitamins, I am so determined to stay on a schedule because I’ve seen such incredible results that when I flew into Palm Springs the first stop was Walgreens to pick up more Perfectil. The multivitamin keeps my skin healthy, glowing, and radiant especially with the harsh weather circumstances.

TIP NUMBER FOUR: Bold, Bright and Beautiful

YES, the more colorful the better! Coachella is literally an expression of art, music, and color- it’s the festival of expression so what better way than to have fun outfits and bright makeup. The first day of Coachella I chose to wear all white and really make my makeup pop with MOODMatcher Pink Passion Lipstick. It was such a fun and bright color that lasted the entire day. MOODMatcher’s lipstick is the perfect festival going lipshade because it lasts 12 hours and gives everyone a unique color according to their PH. No color is the same, isn’t that special ? The rest of my makeup was light because of how hot it was. However I did not refrain from using an incredible amount of glitter and jewels on my body!

The second day I changed it up completely by changing my entire look. I went with a bright neon orange body suit and long ombré clip in extensions from Glam Seamless. The luxurious hair extensions gave me a totally different glam look within 20 minutes! With all the wigs and fun hair styles at Coachella, it was such a fun way to GLAMIFY my look instantly. There was a lot of hair flipping that day!

P.S. I haven’t had long hair since I was 16! How did I look?

TIP NUMBER FIVE: Relax and Rejuvenate

After a crazy couple days at Coachella, it is very important that you remember to take time to take care of yourself. In the evenings when you are done after sweating in the hot day and it is freezing in the evenings because of the wind in the desert, your skin can really go through a lot. The most important item that I packed, was my Clean it Zero face wash by Banila Co USA. It is the only face wash that can take off all of that glitter and glam from the day. Not to mention all of the dust and dirt that soaks onto your skin. Yeah it’s pretty gross, which is why you need a deep cleansing wash to get off everything that’s on your face and even your body. What’s better than a sleepover and skincare with your BFF!

Rejuvenating your skin is very important, but it is also important to remember to relax. This time during the festival, I took time for myself on the third day in the morning to find a little bit of peace and quiet and center myself. I took my acupressure mat and pillow from Ajna Wellbeing out into the desert and I created a little oasis for myself so that I could.ease my mind and feel grounded. The craziness of a festival and the amount of people that you were surrounding yourself with can really pull your energy in a lot of different directions. Taking that hour for myself in the morning really rebalanced me in order to go on for a third day. Three days at a festival may not seem like a lot but at the end of it you body it really goes through it.


After three days of madness, millions of people, harsh weather, and constantly being on the girls your body has been through a lot. Even walking from my car to the festival grounds was a work out. At the end of a long weekend you need to come equipped with products that will heal your skin and keep you hydrated. My go to is the Cucumber Hydrosol Spray for my face and body from Shea Brand that keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed. The light mist is so refreshing and yes you can bring it into the festival grounds which is even better.

Lastly, one of the best decisions that I made was extending my trip to one more night in LA. As soon as I was done with  Coachella, I had to get back in the car and take a 3 hour drive back to Los Angeles. From there I was able to hang out and relax at the pool and really give my body time to heal before boarding a six hour flight back to the East Coast.

I must say my West Coast adventure was packed from the mornings into the evening but because I was with my BFFs and I came prepared for it all I ended up getting all the photos that I wanted, hitting all the amazing spots with art installations, experience the incredible music, and feeling glam the entire time!




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