Hello, My Name is Eva

Every morning I wake up ready to rule the world and I need a product that will help me do just that. To BE the best, I believe one must look and FEEL their best.

While owning a business and a serious case of wanderlust it’s hard for me to always stay on top of the way I look. I am living a fast pace life and sometimes I am just switching clothes from one suitcase to the next. Most of the time I have to fit my entire life into a 9’ x 22’ carry on… yeah right! This is why I need my signature ‘go tos’ that come with me no matter where in the world I am and never leave my side.

My absolute MUST HAVE is the Eva NYC Healthy Heat Nano Silk Styling Iron -1″

EvaNYC Straightening Iron

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I have multiple hair styles a day and many stylists trying to change my hair. Even though the styling iron is absolutely amazing, Eva Hair NYC has the best primer on the market. This is add to your hair prior to straightening and the product goes by the name of Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer. Her goal is to nourish, soften, and protect and oh boy does she do a fantastic job.

Eva NYC Mane Magic

With 10 benefits in one miracle potion she is infused with Argan Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to give your hair its daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Besides doing it all (as we women do anyways), she detangles, reduces frizz, strengthens, softens, cuts drying time, adds shine, nourishes, smooths, and protects against thermal and UV damage. With all of the traveling I do I had no idea the sun was damaging my hair THIS much! Best part about my new #GIRLSQUAD member is she’s Vegan Certified and free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, sodium chloride, and artificial colors. I doesn’t get much better than this.

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Ladies, if you ever have one love in this lifetime, let Eva Hair NYC be your girl! Find her at your local TARGET!



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