Paris Fashion Week Diaries: Easy, Glam, Affordable Travel Around the World

Haley Findlay Paris Fashion Week 2019 Selfie

Bonjour from Paris!  


Let me tell you that traveling around the world may seem glamorous but living out of a suitcase for more than half the year can be stressful at times. Since I travel so much, traveling with ease and affordability is key. Recently, I was in Paris for Paris Fashion Week and it was an absolute dream. On every corner, there was a charming Parisian café that was filled with mini desserts and mini coffees. Halfway through the trip though, I did find myself raising my voice at the barista asking for a NORMAL size cup of coffee. I will admit there were a few times I walked miles just to get to a Starbucks. 


Haley Findlay Visits a Parisian Cafe in France

Nothing tastes better than a great cup of coffee with some pain aux raisins.


One of the best experiences in Paris was climbing up a ladder, through the skylight, and on to a secret rooftop in Paris to get this beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower. Bad time to admit I am afraid of heights, but you can’t tell in the picture… or can you? This rooftop is top secret and you have to know someone who lives in the building to access it. Unless you have a ladder! 


Haley Findlay Rooftop Shot with the Eiffel Tower

I was nowhere near as calm as I look in this photo while climbing up that secret stairwell to the roof.


If you are planning a trip that is short in distance or perhaps you are packing up everything and jetting off with no plans to return then having luggage that is durable, fits all of your clothes and in my case shoes, and comes with different size options. There was a time in my life I remember shopping for luggage and I said to myself “one of these days I will buy new luggage that doesn’t fall apart after one trip and isn’t black!” Well, my clothes tend to still be black but my luggage from IFLY Luggage is a beautiful Mint color and stands out when I need to grab it quickly at the airport. Yes, I have all 3 sizes! Fortunately for my 3-week European travel adventure, I fit all of my outfits in ONE large suitcase. I couldn’t believe it. This baby has traveled with me to over 12 different countries in the past 6 months and is still as good as new! Not to mention I think my outfits turned out okay!


Haley Findlay Mint Green Rolling Suitcase from iFly Luggage

Traveling with my mint green luggage set and rollers from iFly Luggage made my trip so much easier. Less time spent finding luggage.


Haley Findlay in a Tulle Dress

Pink in Paris, cause why not!


Haley's Exclusively Social Community at the Palais Royal

I can’t travel without my girls! Plus no trip to Paris is complete without visiting the Palais Royal.


Haley Findlay at Vintage Parisian Newstand

When in Paris, make sure to stay up on the latest news – from the 19th century!


A bientôt Paris!

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