The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Making Memories Come To Life!

Perfect Moments with Mixbook

My business is in social media. It’s catching those perfect moments and making them come to life digitally, through my different platforms. Some would say I have even masted the art of photography, or photo editing, or even curating the content that I share… that social media isn’t it? There’s a lot on social media that I don’t share. Those embarrassing high school photos or the endless amount of baby photos that are in those old school photo albums from decades ago that are collecting dust in that attic. Somehow, every Thanksgiving and Christmas these childhood photos surface on our living room TV screen, shuffling through on a slide show that my dad puts together every year. Every year, these moments that were once embarrassing to me began to feel so special, almost perfect! That is why this year for Mother’s Day, I asked my dad for as many photos as possible so I could put together something special for my mom. I wanted to collect these perfect moments and put them together in a physical, non-digital, photo book. Back in college, I used to ‘craft’ all the time with my sorority sisters. However, this was going to be so much better than the traditional scrapbook. I wanted a beautifully designed, elegant, photo book. So what did I do? I went to the internet to figure out how I could do this.

Beautiful Designs Made Easy

I wanted to create a custom photo book that reflects my personal style. Lately, I have been loving these fun, colorful, pastel colors and I felt it was a good reflection of spring and the month of May. I searched for a company to help me create my photo book that would be stunning and great quality. Technology is also never seems to be my friend so that is why I LOVE Mixbook because it was such an easy process to upload all of my photos and drag and drop them into the template on my custom photo album. This was the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

DIY Step by Step Process:

Step 1: Start your book

Step 2: Choose your template. There are so many incredible templates to choose from and they are all beautiful! Once you pick your favorite then you can start the fun!

Step 3: Upload your photos. This process was the fastest and I uploaded over 100 photos to the content bank for me to choose from. Yes, I love taking photos!

Step 4: Design your photo album. It is so simple to drag, drop, and voila! You have yourself a beautiful book of all of your memories.

Step 5: Order your custom Mixbook in time for Mother’s Day. They are so quick with shipping too! The entire process from start to finish is such a great experience.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

The most unique, personal, perfect Mother’s Day Gift you could share with your mom is a photo book of memories. I am so thankful to have found Mixbook because it made my ‘shopping for mom’ easy. Not to mention the fact they are completely customizable makes this gift so unique! This is definitely my go to gift for sharing perfect moments.

Haley’s Tips for Perfect Gifts

Everyone is different, but I find when it comes to family, money and things cannot buy the happiness and closeness you feel when you’re together. Since I live in New York and my family lives on the West Coast were at complete opposite sides of the United States. It can be very hard to feel close at times which is one of the main reasons why I was so happy to be able to have the experience in creating this phonebook. The time and thought that goes into creating a photo book is unique and shows that you care. That is top priority for me. Sometimes I get so busy living in New York City that I forget to take step back and think about things in the present moment. I don’t want any memories to get lost throughout the years and I want to capture the new memories in a permanent way. So as you pick your Mother’s Day gift, think about what is important to you. The next three questions are what I ask myself when selecting a gift:

  1. Is it thoughtful? Is it fun?
  2. Is this unique?
  3. Is this something that I will be happy and proud of to gift to someone I care about

No matter what you mom will love whatever you do!

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